Monday, 8 July 2013

What's 2 years between friends?

Hello blog land! Wow how fast 2 years can fly by. I think the phrase 'life takes over' is about right.
So I've decided to blow the dust off and bring the blog back, do a little writing and thought sharing aswell as updating you with my latest creations, as and when I can... baby permitting!
I'm still getting the hang of balancing motherhood with millinery. It's not been the easiest time and I thank my lucky stars I have a pretty chilled out baby in Presley who likes his naps! Still, once the king is in his cot and the housework is done, the pressure is on to get busy at my desk before the nap is over, something I'm still getting used to. But hey I'm cracking on with new and exciting designs. Having a baby hasn't affected my imagination or creativity!! ;)
So, whats hot at the moment in the world of Diablo Jo's accessories? Well I am LOVING floral headbands! It's all about the flower crown! And I have some beauties in stock over at my etsy shop and lots more to come too!
I love the simplicity of wearing a headband, you cannot wear it badly!! Great for this heatwave we are having here in the UK . It's no mess glam and keeps the hair out of the face.
And lets nod our head to Frida Kahlo for the inspiration, she knew how to rock her florals! ;) 
Pictured is the Royal Blue Roses and glitter apples headband. £26.00 plus p&p
Looking forward to keeping in touch a little more now with the blog, in hopefully a bit more of a chatty, personal way. Be lovely to connect with you, hear your comments and thoughts too! <3